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Server SMIK Xpert

Software «Server SMIK Xpert» is used оn аnу engineering facilities types.

Software «Server SMIK Xpert» allows you to work with majority technical controls means and it can be used as а monitoring software for structures:

  • tiltmeters (measurement of tilt angles);
  • accelerometers (measurement of frequencies and waveforms);
  • tensometers (measurement of mechanical stress);
  • tacheometers (measuring distances, horizontal and vertical angles);
  • weather stations.

Modular structure «Server SMIK Xpert» provides а technical solutions flexibility and functional distribution of each modules, which allows creating а branched architecture of ESMS both in space and in computing resources.

The main part of the «Server SMIK Xpert» software is the core, whose the main task is formation, storage and alarm messages transmission about the load-bearing structures normal operation malfunction.

The core «Server SMIK Xpert» provides the structured messages transmission as in the facility's SHP SMEC and in the SHP SMEC of the RSES day-to-day management.

Automated working station of the engineering structures monitoring system. AWS SMIS Xpert

AWS SMBS «Workstation SMIK Xpert» is built on the signalling system principle, which allows the on-duty dispatcher operatively and accurately to interpret the current structures state.

«Workstation SMIK Xpert » has the following functions set:

  • signal data presentation (traffic light) about the project’s bearing structures state;
  • transient responses presentation (graphs) of measuring devices with boundary values;
  • the recommendations presentation when receiving incidents reports, accidents ( standard operating procedure);
  • sound notification about incident;
  • creation and reporting about the state of the building's bearing structures;
  • the possibility of adjusting the settings for each measuring point ( sensor).

Software SMBS