SMEC is a structured ystems for monitoring the state of engineering complexes (systems) of buildings and constructions. SMEC software and hardware package (SHP) consist of server, commutation, integration equipment and software, as well as equipment of on-duty SMEC object dispatcher. The SHP SMEC components are assembled in a telecommunications cabinet 19 ‘, automation cabinets. Depending on the complexity of the project, including the object size, the managing systems distribution, integration solutions, the SHP SMEC composition may vary. The SHP SMEC main functions are: collecting data from the object systems, generating and sending messages about the critical system parameters change to the SMEC operator, as well as to the daily management bodies of the emergency system (RSES). SHP SMEC in fact, is a powerful integration platform for data collection with subsequent processing and transmission. Hardware and software solutions make it allowable to transfer information via email, SMS, OPC, xml and other methods. Thus, using the resource SHP SMEC local problems can be solved. The SHP ” SMIS Xpert” consists of a basic part – a standard solution, tested at many objects, and an interface kit, which is selected individually for the specific project implementation. The set of SHP SMEC includes specialized software.

SMEC software:

  • Software complex for collecting monitoring data of the object “SHP CMD SMEC” more
  • Software of data collection server of the SMEC “DCS SMIS Xpert” more
  • Software  “Workstation SMIS Xpert” more
  • SMBS software
  • Software “Server SMIK Xpert” more
  • Software “Workstation SMIK Xpert” more

SMEC provides control over the following main destabilizing factors:

  • the fire occurrence;
  • malfunction of the heat supply system, hot and cold water heating supply;
  • power supply malfunction;
  • gas supply malfunction;
  • elevator equipment failure to work;
  • unauthorized entry into office space;
  • radiation increased level, maximum permissible chemically concentration hazardous substances; bio-hazardous substances;
  • gas-air mixtures explosive concentrations;
  • premises flooding, drainage systems and technological pits;
  • gas leak;
  • deviation from the regulatory parameters of technological processes that can lead to the emergency situations occurrence;
  • changing the buildings foundations state (engineering and technical) structures of buildings and structures;
  • emergency protection systems malfunction, safety and fire protection;
  • changing the possible mudflows areas state, landslides, avalanches in the area of the monitoring object operation.
SMEC ESMC controls all objects engineering systems (including autonomous).

The SMEC is equipped with:

  • potentially and extremely dangerous projects;
  • unique and technically sophisticated projects with at least one of the characteristics:
  • height is more than 100 m;
  • span is more than 100 m;
  • cantilever is more than 20 m;
  • underground part embedment (completely or partially) below the grade elevation is more than 15 m;
  • communal, cultural and social projects with аmassive people staying (business centers, shopping centers, hypermarkets, hotels, etc.);
  • industrial facilities;
  • life-support inftastructure, the failure of which leads to the emergency situations occurrence;

ln the object’s SMEC are included the following subsystems:

  • infonnation acquisition & transmission system (IATS SMEC);
  • command control and communications system in аcrisis environment (CCSCE)
  • engineering structures (framings) monitoring system (SMBS), hazardous natural processes and phenomena


  • include the following:program complex for the collection, processing of monitoring data, the creation and information transmission;
  • SMEC servers to ensure interfacing with the facility’s engineering systems, information interface with the bodies of day-to-day RSES management;
  • AWS SMEC, which includes monitors for operational monitoring and decision support;
  • equipment for automatic short messages transmission (SMS);
  • equipment for receiving and transmitting video information;
  • local area network SMEC;
  • communications complex with the RSES day-to-day management bodies.
If there is no possibility to monitor destabilizing factors, controllers, automation modules, sensors should bе included in the IATS SMEC through the existing hardware and software facilities of the object. SMEC The CCSCE structure includes equipment that provides communication and management of special formations within the facility under decommissioning of the consequences, emergencies, including caused bу terrorist acts. The SMBS structure includes monitoring equipment for state building structures foundations change, engineering protection structures, as well as in the presence of threats, possible mudflows plots, landslides, avalanches in the building or structure operation area, namely:
  • servers, local servers and SMBS controllers;
  • equipment for data collection and transmission networks;
  • sensors for monitoring the state change of buildings structures and structures control, engineering protection structures, as well as possible mudslides areas, landsliding, avalanching.

SMECSMEC implementation phase:

  • Contractual relationship.
  • Project documentation.
  • Construction documents.
  • Construction and assembly works.
  • Pre-commissioning.
  • Setting to work.
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