LLC SMIS Expert develops and implements innovative solutions in the monitoring systems of engineering structures field.

The engineering structures monitoring system developed by LLC SMIS Expert solves the following main tasks:

  • The stress - strain state buildings and structures monitoring, as well as the displacement of points of elements of the facility.
  • Monitoring the roll of buildings and structures.
  • Monitoring the foundation's settlement.
  • Monitoring the natural frequency of oscillation.
  • Monitoring seismic activity and it's effects.

The systems for monitoring the state of bearing structures (SMBS) is the SMEC subsystem that monitors a building's reliability.

Buildings monitoring

The systems for monitoring the state of bearing structures is a hardware-software package that monitors the reliability building indicators or construction's supporting structures with the aim of timely preventing situations in which the values of the recorded parameters exceed their maximum permissible values.

Parameters that affect the bearing structures state and the object as a whole:

  1. Load, including seismic activity and wind load (if the permissible load is exceeded, the building may collapse).
  2. Cracking.
  3. Disruption of interrelation between elements.

The bearing structures monitoring of buildings and constructions is carried out in accordance with the monitoring Methodology, developed prior to the commencement of construction works (this document is based on a research and development report (R & D)).

The monitoring program consists of:

  •  the list of especially responsible constructions and components determined by the designer;
  • the parameters to be controlled, and their calculated values;
  •  work items list;
  • monitoring system choice;
  • control operations methods and volumes;
  • necessary equipment;
  • software;
  • automated workplace (AWP) of the system operator;


The  systems for monitoring the state of bearing structures  consists of:

  • server equipment (telecommunication cabinet 19, system server, switching and control  equipment, ADCs and interface converters, data transmission equipment);
  • linear equipment (cable products, materials for mounting and marking);
  • terminal equipment - measuring instruments: inclinometers, accelerometers, strain gauges,  pressure sensors and the tacheometer;
  • software;
  • automated working station (AWS) of the system operator;



Functionality of systems for monitoring the state of bearing structures:

  • stress-strain state control ;
  • received parameters comparison of the controlled structures state with the benchmark defined in the project or normative documents;
  • report (conclusion) on the current technical monitoring object condition and the forecast for the change of technical condition for the nearest period;
  • ensuring the engineering structures safe functioning in the buildings and structures construction, as well as in the course of their operation, the adoption, if necessary, of timely and adequate measures to strengthen the load-bearing constructions.

The of systems for monitoring the state of bearing structures (SMBS) is:

 Buildings and structures safe operation by round-the-clock monitoring and recording of changes in the foundation state, walls, bearing wall panels, tie beams and other facility structural elements that perceive the main loads: structures weight, wind pressure, snow weight, people in the building, equipment, soil pressure on underground parts of the building, etc.

  1. Buildings maintenance and facilities costs reducing by optimizing the costs of scheduled inspections and preventive works to determine the technical monitoring facilities condition.
  2. Round-the-clock deformation processes monitoring by obtaining objective and reliable information from the system, both at the construction stage and during the observation facilities operation.
  3. Rapid detection of building structures parameters deviations and units from calculated values at an early stage of their occurrence and taking the necessary measures aimed at preventing emergencies.




Full range of services

 Prior to the development of the project documentation, it is important to conduct a high-quality pre-project object inspection, the result of which is a concept for creating a monitoring system. At the project documentation stage, a technical task is developed and agreed upon, after which a project is issued. It can be said that the most difficult and crucial component in this section is the scientific component, as a result of which the monitoring methodology is developed.

We provide a wide range of services:

  • surveying of monitoring objects;
  • designing of a monitoring system;
  • monitoring passport of the object (in which the maximum values of the monitored parameters are determined);
  • installation of the monitoring system;
  • precommissioning;
  • commissioning of the monitoring system.