Prior to the project documentation development, it is important to conduct a high-quality pre-project object inspection, the result of which is a concept for creating a monitoring system.

At the project documentation stage, the Technical Assignment for design is developed and agreed, after which the project is issued. It can be said that the most difficult and crucial component in this section is the scientific one, as a result of which the monitoring Methodology is developed.

We provide a wide range of services:

  • surveying of monitoring objects;
  • designing of a monitoring system;
  • monitoring passport of the object (in which the maximum values of the monitored parameters are determined);
  • installation of the monitoring system;
  • precommissioning;
  • commissioning of the monitoring system.
  • warranty service;
  • maintenance service.

Our specialists have extensive experience in designing and implementing monitoring systems at various objects.

Each of the company's employees has experience in engineering monitoring for more than 10 years and regularly improves qualifications, which is confirmed by certificates.

Work is carried out at a high technical level using high-quality and modern technologies - this ensures high systems quality created and full compliance with international standards. The use of modern domestic and imported equipment of increased reliability allows us to guarantee trouble-free operation of systems during exploitation.

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