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Reference list


Objects name
1.The pedestrian bridge over the Moscow- river in Krasnogorsk between Myakininskaya and Pavshinskaya floodplains (investor – ZAO Crocus International).
3.The South Priobsk GTP construction on the basis of South Priobsk compressor station facilities (investor - LLC Sibur).
4.Product pipeline of connection to the main product pipeline "South Balyk head pumping station - Tobolsk-Neftekhim" with BFLH drain point from tanker trucks (investor - LLC Sibur).
5.Reconstruction of the resin distillation unit of LLC RUTGERS SEVERTAR on the industrial site of Severstal JSC, Cherepovets.
6.Reconstruction of Krai Government-owned Publicly Funded Health Care Institution Regional Clinical Hospital, Krasnoyarsk, located at the address: Krasnoyarsk, Partizan Zheleznyak str, 3 "A" and carry out support of the above subsection of the project in the examination.
7.Passenger terminal Domodedovo-2, located at the Moscow Region, Domodedovo, the territory of Domodedovo Airport, building 1.
8.Linde Azot Tolyatti LLC is an ammonia production facility with a capacity of 1,340 tons per day, located in the city of Tolyatti, Samara Region.
9.Multipurpose inhabited complex with underground parking with the reconstruction of the Trud stadium at the address: Moscow, Mytnaya, str., 40-44.
10.OJSC KuibyshevAzot industrial complex, located in the city of Tolyatti, Samara region.
11.Restoration and adaptation cultural heritage site of regional significance Stadium named after Leninsky Komsomol, 1967 in Krasnoyarsk for the modern use.
12.“Multi-level multipurpose sport and entertainment complex with a capacity of at least 7,000 seats in the area of the fourth highway bridge across the Yenisei-river in Sverdlovsk district of Krasnoyarsk city within the borders of the residential area Tikhie Zori territory.
13.Unit ELOU-AVT-2.5 (II)", Novoshakhtinsk, Novoshakhtinsk refinery.
14.Southern Kuzbass OJSC Mine Olzherasskaya-Novaya II.
15.LLC Mine Uskovskaya, Seasonal concentration plant with steeply inclined separator s in the branch of OJSC UK Kuzbassrazrezugol field Vakhrushevskoe.
16.The South Balyk GTP reconstruction.
17.LLC GIPERGLOBUS of the object’s radio communication system at the address: Moscow region, Pushkinsky district, Talitsy village, Kholmogory industrial park.
18.KNPZ JSC Implementation of the disposal excess gaseous fuel system at CHP KNPZ JSC plant.
19.Mine concentrator after the name Kirov of SUEK Kuzbass OJSC with a 800 t/h capacity.
20.Hot dip galvanizing shop, Novokuznetsk, sh. Kuznetsk, 15a.
21.OF Energeticheska in the branch Kaltansky coal mine, Kemerovo region, Kaltan.
22.Novokuznetskaya GTPP, Novokuznetsk.
23.Tom-Usinsk GRES, Kemerovo region, Myski.
24.Belovo GRES, Kemerovo region, Belovo.
25.Concentration plant Kaskad-2 section Vinogradovsky of Kuzbass Fuel Company OJSC branch.
26.Construction of the processing plant Chernigovskaya-Koksovaya of Chernigovets OJSC of HC SDS-Ugol OJSC.
27.LLC Mine Uskovskaya, Seasonal concentration plant with KNS separators in the branch of UK Kuzbassrazrezugol OJSC field Vakhrushevskoe.
28.Faytek-SB LLC Multipurpose inhabited complex at the address: Moscow, Central Administrative District, Mytnaya str, owner, 40 - 44, Yakimanka District.
29.Apatite JSC. Combined Kirovsk mine. Automated control system for dosed loading of ore into railway cars from the loading bunker of the head shaft complex No. 2.
30.LLC Progress-IT Commissioning works on equipping the station for de-asphalting of 39/4 de-asphalt plant at Shop No. 23 of LLC NZMP.