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OPC tunneller Xpert



Do you want to receive data from OPC servers, but you cannot configure DCOM?

There is a solution!

OPC Tunneller “Xpert”

  • you don’t have to configure DCOM;
  • you don't need setup from server side;
  • work with any OPC DA 2.05 and OPC AE servers;
  • data encryption;
  • auto-run together with Windows;
  • support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016.

It might be often that you need to transfer across the network a lot of changing data from one system to another. For example, let the first system is an automated process control system. And let dispatching system need its data. Data are the values of temperature, pressure, voltage. The standard solution to this problem is to use OPC technology.

There are several varieties of this technology:

  • DA
  • HDA
  • UA
  • AE

The most common version is OPC DA 2.05. It is based on COM technology of Windows. This means that in the case of networking, Distributed COM (DCOM) will have to be configured. If you have ever had to set up DCOM, then you know that sometimes it takes half an hour, and sometimes it takes a couple of days. And despite the fact that the Internet is full of instructions for configuring DCOM, the mass of people still have difficulties with DCOM. In addition, there are situations when DCOM cannot be configured at all.

OPC tunneller Xpert

Our engineers have had difficulties too. The DCOM unpredictability set up led to the need to create your own software that would bypass the problems with DCOM. This is how the OPC Tuneller “Xpert” appeared.

Tuneller consists of two parts: server and client. The server part is deployed on a machine with an OPC server. From this OPC server you can read data. Client part is installed on the data receiving side.

Tuneller supports two specifications:

  • OPC DA 2.05
  • OPC AE

OPC tunneller Xpert

OPC Tunneller can be used without prior configuration with default parameters. On the client side, you only need to set the IP address of the remote machine and select the desired OPC server (if there are several). But if necessary, you can change TCP port numbers and enable encryption. In addition, the server part has the function of “register itself” in autoload. So, you do not have to start Tuneller manually after each restart of the machine with the OPC server.

Of course, there is the OPC UA standard, which is not originally tied to DCOM. And wherever possible, we recommend using OPC UA. But, unfortunately, most software manufacturers equip their products with OPC DA servers. This implies DCOM.

OPC Tunneller “Xpert” allows you to get data from the OPC-server without losing time to configure DCOM.

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