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Modular OPC server Xpert



Modular OPC server XPERT

Modular OPC server XPERT is used as an integration software platform for acquisition, processing and distribution of data received from various sources, such as, OPC servers, Modbus RTU/TCP devices, BACnet, SNMP. The OPC server XPERT can both receive and output data. Output is possible via Modbus, OPC DA and OLE DB protocols. The OPC Server XPERT is designed to expand the capabilities of your software complex if it does not include the necessary drivers.

Program's functions:

  • Data collection from sources;
  • Functions expansibility depending on modules used;
  • Data processing;
  • Hot setup (without recompilation of the project).

By means of OPC server XPERT you will be able to:  

Receive and transmit data through OPC DA/AE, Modbus TCP/RTU;

connect sensors of tilt angles (inclinometers), Analog-to-Digital convertor, meteorological stations and other equipment associated monitoring of structures;

create SMS and bulk e-mail on developments in the system;

read and write the information in the database;

create data processing algorithms;

handle messages in XML format;


OPC server XPERT features:

large modules library;

modules are sold separately, there is no overpayment for unnecessary functionality;

small computer resource requirements;

work “on the fly” without having to compile;

operational comfort with lot of similar parameters (group creation, renaming, changing).


Programme structure and components  

The software consists of a kernel and modules DLL.

Functional software is determined by the modules composition. All modules are independent of each other and interact through the core.

Conventionally, the modules can be divided into the following groups:


Modular OPC server Xpert

Modular OPC server Xpert
Data sources:

  • Modbus;
  • OPCAЕ;
  • OPCDА;
  • BACnet;
  • SNMP;
  • PingHost;
  • Inclinometer;
  • Ltr11, ltr22, ltr24, ltr43;
  • QMS10;
  • AdvantechPCI1761;
  • Meteorological station Vaisala WXT520; generator;
  • Cisco PAM.
Modular OPC server Xpert

  • DataBase
    (coupling module to database);
  • XMLParser;
  • Lyrix;
  • Intelligence.
Modular OPC server Xpert

  • Pascal script.
Modular OPC server Xpert

  • SMS-module and email-notification.

Programme work allows for two modes:

  • main mode to license the program comes with a USB-key and runs for an unlimited time;
  • without USB-key up to 32 channels are supported.

You did not find the desired module? It is possible to create a module for your tasks! More detailed information you can get by phone +7 (495) 532-52-62