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Fire alarm automatic control system



LLC “SMIS Expert” implements the Fire Alarm Automatic Control System at all stages from design to commissioning.

The main objectives of the system:

  1. Improving the reliability of fire protection systems at objects due to the continuous automated collection of information about the performance of the systems, as well as automated monitoring of the technical servicing  (TS) and current repair (CR).
  2. Improvement of processes within the company during TS and CR work (improvement of the contractors' work quality, the work performance terms reduction, efficiency improvement, quality control, etc.).
  3. Reducing the cost of TS and fire protection CR controlled objects systems.

Fire alarm automatic control system

Strong fires occur due to:

  1. The fire has not been identified by the fire alarm system.
  2. The fire was not automatically extinguished by the fire extinguishing system.
  3. The fire was not localized by the management service stuff because the alert did not work.
  4. The fire spread because the automation did not work, and the staff did not know what to do.

Therefore, it is necessary to strictly comply with all requirements prescribed by law, and receive timely information on the fire systems status. The visitors safety of your object and its integrity depend on your vigilance.

Fire alarm automatic control system

Unified data collection center (control)

  1. Control– online.
  2. Reporting, analysis (automatic mode).
  3. Staff time optimization (automatic collection of data on the systems state, on technical servicing, on the elimination of applications for fire fighting system repair, etc.).
  4. Informing the competent person of the incident at the object.
  5. Control and the course of EMERCOM office work.
  6. Objects maintenance control by employees of the management company.

The composition of the control system

All modern life support, fire protection and security systems have self-diagnostic functionality:

  • at the level of controllers and devices;
  • at the dispatching level.

Therefore, additional equipment for the monitoring system implementation is required in a small volume (compact server, integration devices and power supply). All equipment of the remote site fits in 1 hinged automation cabinet.

Using communication channels between remote sites and the Central office, the end-to-end monitoring data transmission at no additional cost can be organized.

Information from the object systems is collected on the object server, processed, logged and, according to specified algorithms, sent to the common Server to the Central Office via communication channels.

The server at the head office can be both physical and virtual (there is a DPC).

Fire alarm automatic control system

The automation system cabinet at a remote site does not require operational personnel. The control system operator workplace is installed only in the Central Office.
The operator’s automated workplace is a workplace equipped with a computer and special software that make it allowable to monitor the necessary parameters in real time and signal critical changes or system malfunctions.
The system heart is the “Xpert” software developed by our company, “SMIS Expert”. “Xpert” software is an integration platform with a Core and System Modules, providing connectivity to most modern automation protocols.
The program generates messages about problems in real time and sends them to interested parties via data transmission channels.

Ability to receive notifications:

  1. By means of the system client.
  2. Email.
  3. SMS.

Fire alarm automatic control system

The “Xpert” fire protection control system software consists of 3 parts:

  1. The Xpert object software is installed on each object for:
  • data collection from equipment and fire protection systems;
  • processing the information received;
  • sending messages about malfunctions and notifications about the TS and CR performance to the server.
  1. The Xpert software server part is installed on the Server (Core):
  • receives data from the object;
  • generates messages and stores information in the database;
  • carries out the formation and sending of messages (for example, SMS or e-mail) to interested parties (the owner of the object, chief engineer, etc.).


  1. The Xpert client software can be installed on multiple computers.The client may be an employee of the management company, an employee of the object, service organization. The software displays messages depending on the role of the client and the functionality necessary for him by:
  • accidents;
  • tasks;
  • planned TS and CR;
  • documents, etc.

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