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About the company



LLC «SMIS Expert» a company whose employees have extensive unique development experience of three areas:

  • information technologies;
  • security electronics;
  • software development.

LLC «SMIS Expert» mission is to ensure safe operation of industrial and infrastructure facilities as well as heavily trafficked facilities.

The key focus areas of LLC «SMIS Expert» are SMBS, SMEC, SFAC:

  • automated systems for monitoring the state of bearing structures of buildings and facilities (SMBS)
  • automated systems for monitoring the state of engineering complexes (systems) of    buildings and facilities (SMEC).

The areas of application SMEC are:   structured cable networks, wire and radio communication networks, firefighting systems, alarm and access control systems, system for determining emissions of harmful gases, water supply and sewage system, power supply system, air conditioning system etc.

Main groups of objects at which the systems of LLC «SMIS expert» are applied:

  • production facilities:chemical enterprises, oil and gas processing industries as well as other manufacturing enterprises;
  • infrastructure facilities: oil and gas pipelines, heat and hydroelectric power plants, power lines, bridges etc.
  • civilian facilities:shopping centers, stadiums, high-rise office and residential buildings.

LLC «SMIS Expert» provides a wide range of services:

  • site survey;
  • design documentation development;
  • equipment delivery and installation;
  • precommissioning;
  • object delivery to the customer;
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

 LLC «SMIS Expert» automated systems will allow you to:

  • detect malfunctionat the object using round-the-clock monitoring of utility systems and the structure;
  • collect the readings from the object subsystems;
  • automatically transmit the information on the emergency to the responsible object services;
  • prevent emergency situations occurring due to the fact that the bearing structures of the object undergo critical changes;
  • continuously monitor changes in the state of the foundation;
  • control potentially hazardous processes of natural origin;
  • create a stable telephone and/or radio communication by the work of rescue forces and other units within the object;
  • avoid personal injuries and losses of life, financial losses and losses of property, damaged reputation – everything that is accompanied by fires and building collapses, because you warned them;
  • remotely control service companies, significantly reduce the service staff and the staff costs;
  • be aware of all incidents, promptly manage the situation, including during an emergency;


The basis of all «SMIS Expert» systems is the software developed by our company unique integration platform «Xpert».

We guarantee!

About the company

100 % quality assurance
We guarantee high-quality performance of work when implementing monitoring systems. All works agreed and specified in a contract or supplementary agreements will be performed at high level and for 100%. Warranty for all systems types and services.

About the company

Transparency of processes
When implementing turnkey systems, we provide reports and sign work acceptance certificates at each stage, which allows to achieve transparency in the project implementation course.

About the company

Meeting of deadlines
We guarantee strict deadlines adherence at each stage of the monitoring systems implementation.

At the present time, the LLC «SMIS Expert» monitoring systems are applied at the following objects:

  • «KuibyshevAzot», (city ofTolyatti)
  • «RUTGERS SEVERTAR» (city of Cherepovets)
  • «Linde Azot» (city of Tolyatti)
  • The mine«Uskovskaya», «Kuzbass»
  • Yuzhno-Balyksky gas processing plant:
  • Yuzhno-Priobskygas processing plant

and many others

Becoming a company customer, each of its clients makes a choice in favor of a reliable, competent and responsible contractor who creates engineering monitoring systems from scratch, making control over the state of buildings manageable and predictable. For each company «SMIS Expert» client we guarantee:

  • individual approach with consideration of all a building or a facility features;
  • optimal solutions development;
  • flexible prices;
  • turnkey services, from project design to putting the equipment into operation;
  • strict adherence to the terms specified in the contract.

Work with the company «SMIS Expert» is the ability to effectively and quickly solve any tasks that are associated with buildings monitoring and management.