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Module “JSON Parser” is developed

Specialists of the LLC “SMIS Expert” have developed a new module “JSON Parser” for the OPC server “Xpert”.
The JSON Parser module is designed to parse and define the field values from JSON data.

Program features:

  • ability to read data from different sources:

1. directory with text files;
2. HTTP server for receiving messages in JSON layout;
3. HTTP client for reading data from HTTP servers using POST, GET requests (including the ones from
Internet resources);

  • the incoming messages parsing;
  • the extracted values assignment to the channels of the base application.
  • automatic maintenance of connection with the source.


Program options:

1. Setting reading parameters (file format, request type, reading intervals, etc.).
2. Automatic parsing and structure creation that provides data parsing from a sample file.
3. Manual editing of the structure for reading data.
4. The following elements parsing:

  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Objects in the array
  • Values

5. Support by the HTTP client of the following types of requests:

  • POST
  • GET
  • HEAD.